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Create your own apps with Jacquard technology on Android and iOS.

Games, movement tracking, touch interactions, and more are possible with Jacquard SDK.

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What is the Jacquard SDK?

Jacquard SDK is a way to connect Jacquard interactions and movement tracking within your apps. Start with the sample app or create an app from scratch, then bring your ideas to life with swipes, taps and movement tracking through the Jacquard SDK.

Get started on GitHub.

Find out how to get hardware and access the tutorial in the Jacquard SDK documentation on GitHub.

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Download the Jacquard SDK and sample app.

The GitHub repositories contain the Jacquard discussion forums, API documentation and a sample app for both Android and iOS.

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Can someone add new abilities to the official Jacquard app?

No. The current Jacquard app remains as built.