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Specifically tailored with the urban cyclist in mind. Get directions1, control your media2, and stay connected while on the go.

Levi's jacket

Collaborating with a company of firsts.

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Levi’s® has spent the past 150 years innovating fashionable, functional clothing. So, it’s no surprise that Levi’s® was the very first brand to create a product with Jacquard by Google technology. And it was the denim trucker jacket, one of their most iconic products.

Designed to navigate the city.

Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket was designed for biking around the city. It features articulated shoulders, reflectors, and a dropped hem to keep you covered as you ride. Access digital services while on the go using Jacquard technology that is woven right into the sleeve of your jacket.

Commuter Trucker Jacket

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Interactive Cuff


Interactive cuff

Jacquard Threads are woven into the left cuff of the jacket, allowing you to issue commands using simple touch gestures.

Snap Tag


Jacquard snap tag

The flexible snap tag wraps around your wrist. It’s also removable and charges via USB.

Light and haptics


Light and haptics

The Jacquard snap tag lights up to provide you alerts, like when you receive a phone call or a text message3 from a loved one. A vibration in your sleeve will subtly get your attention.

Featured Abilities

Commuter™ Trucker Jacket

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Bose Aware Mode

Bose Aware Mode

Connect to your Bose QuietComfort 30 or 35 headphones4, and use Jacquard to toggle noise cancellation on and off.

Calls and Text

Calls and Text

The snap tag lights up and vibrates to notify you of incoming calls and texts. Brush your cuff to respond.



If you see a new cafe you want to check out, gesture to drop a pin and the location will be saved in your Jacquard app.



Control your media on the go. With a single gesture, you can pause the music, skip a song, or hear the title of what’s currently playing2.

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The Jacquard App.

Make it personal.

Personalize your Jacquard article by assigning your favorite Abilities to gestures. It all starts by connecting to the Jacquard app.2

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