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Create your own web prototypes with Soli interactions on Pixel 4.1

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What is Soli Sandbox?

Soli Sandbox is a way to connect your JavaScript prototypes to Soli interactions on the Pixel 4. Create a prototype on your computer and bring it to life with touchless swipes, taps, and more through the Soli Sandbox app. Please note that the Soli Sandbox is not a tool for creating production apps.

Featured prototypes

Norgram & SetSnail

Circular Trails

Steer the ball through each winding trail by using a swipe to rotate each circle. Try to complete all the circles.

Norgram & SetSnail

Topple Towers

Build a tower of blocks by using a tap. Topple the tower using swipe. Try to topple the largest tower you can build.

Norgram & SetSnail

Rigged Riley

Meet Riley and wave hello with a swipe. Take a few steps away from the phone and see Riley sleep.

Dive right in with this quick, hands-on tutorial.

window.onSoliEvent = function(event) {

if (event.type == 'swipe') {




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