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Soli Sandbox Prototypes

An ongoing series of experiments which explore the potential of Soli.

OCTOBER 24, 2020

Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University

In Fall of 2020, Professor Golan Levin of Carnegie Mellon University led a workshop to explore the artistic and expressive potential for Soli. His students experimented with different literal and conceptual metaphors for Soli Interactions such as blowing the wind or bringing news into focus.

We are inspired by these prototypes and real-world applications they could inform. You can see the full set of prototypes on the Carnegie Mellon Workshop Gallery, or check out the code in the Glitch Collection. Try them out for yourself in the Soli Sandbox App.

Emily Ngo

Shy Beetles

These beetles are shy, but if you step away from the phone, they will wander away from their hiding spot. Swipe to flip over the rock and watch them scurry back to hiding.

Audrey Renouf

Tap-Tap Cat

Use soli to interact with a little animated cat using swipe, reach, and presence.

Rick Zhang

Soli Candle

Soli Candle simulates and resembles a calm and gentle flame. Use a swipe to blow the candle gently or tap to ignite or extinguish it.

JUNE 6, 2020

Simple Toys with Norgram

In the Spring of 2020 we asked Norgram and SetSnail to create a set of simple toys with Soli. They each offer a simple interaction like spinning a ball or making a character come to life. We love the expressive and clear audiovisual feedback that makes the interactions feel satisfying. You can check out the code in the Glitch collection and play with them yourself in the Soli Sandbox App.

Norgram & SetSnail

Circular Trails

Steer the ball through each winding trail by using a swipe to rotate each circle. Try to complete all the circles.

Norgram & SetSnail

Topple Towers

Build a tower of blocks by using a tap. Topple the tower using swipe. Try to topple the largest tower you can build.

Norgram & SetSnail

Rigged Riley

Meet Riley and wave hello with a swipe. Take a few steps away from the phone and see Riley sleep.